Tuesday, June 18, 2013

CrosssFit Community

One of my favorite things about CrossFit it is the mini-communitiy that it forms. There is a whole book published about this by Allison Belger, The Power of Community: Crossfit and the force of Human Community. Here is a powerful quote from the book:

“The power of community is about making lives better and helping people achieve their goals."

In the book she describes the importance of group affiliation–of having a network of mutual support and human connection in the midst of our hectic, technology-driven lives. She also describes the mind-body connection and how it can relate to all of us. Through her compelling narratives, each of which intersects with the CrossFit experience, she encourages us to examine our lives and relationships so that we may find meaning in a stressful world–if we are open to the power of community.
I am a big believer in the mind-body connection, and think health is necessary for happiness. Setting and achieving goals is something I have always done. It gives me purpose and a feeling of accomplishment. What CrossFit has changed in my life, is a strong community that supports you along your journey. In return, you get the chance to support others, and to me there is NO better feeling than this. 
Here are a couple of my personal examples that might better explain this. Keep in mind I have only been a member of CrossFit Solstice since January and all the people mentioned below are members. 
  • Two of my friends are getting married this month. In the winter one asked us to do the 100 Day Burpee Challenge to help him get back in shape. Three of us completed our 100th burpee together this past weekend. Read more about this long challenge
  • This weekend one of my friends mapped out a 5k run on his bike, then paced me as I set a 45 second 5K PR. I would have never been able to do this without him. He pushed me and encouraged me along the way!
  • When I organized a team for the Bring Change to Mind walk I had friends from CrossFit walking right beside me, and others who couldn't make it donate money. I definitely have extra motivation during a  workout when I see someone wearing their Team Conneen shirt. 
  • One friend of mine is having some health difficulties, and we have all been able to support her. I am so proud of her ability to stay positive. Check out her blog; you will certainly laugh!  
  • I email another friend of mine on average at least 6 times a day with questions that are always answered. I have changed my diet and exercise routine so much, and if you know me, you know I am extremely curious. 
These are just a few examples that stuck out in my head. On a daily basis you have people encouraging you to push yourself harder, spending extra time to show you a movement or exercise, and supporting you in your efforts to achieve personal goals. If I have not convinced you to check it out yet- I don't know what will!

Girls compete with each other. Women empower one another.

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  1. You inspire me, thanks for the plug for my blog. Keep on trucking girlfriend!